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We are currently looking for our initial cadre of owners. Contact us today for special incentives offered to the first 8 program owners.





Affordable Fractional Jet Ownership in Houston, TX

Eclipse 550Creeris Air is a Fractional Jet Ownership Company located in Houston, Texas.  Our goal is simple: provide the most affordable jet ownership program in the Houston area.  Fractional ownership makes sense for small to mid-sized businesses and individuals that don’t want to take on the full cost of ownership, yet need the flexibility and efficiency that owning your own private jet provides. 

We're not your average fractional! We offer:

• Affordable jet ownership
• Profit sharing
• No hidden fees
• Professional pilots
• Easy out options (if your situation changes)

Creeris Air offers fractional ownership positions in state of the art jet aircraft in 25% increments.
We are currently in the start-up phase and are offering an amazing financial package to our
first 8 owners.

We are committed to offer you the most affordable jet ownership possible.

Contact us today for more information.

Tom Replogle